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April Goals

April Goals

April is going to be an interesting, busy, yet exciting month. There are some things happening behind the scenes that I can’t let you guys in on quite yet. But, by the end of April if all goes well I should be able to share. I say this because  my goals for April reflect what’s going on in my life.  I have less goals and lowered my expectations in certain areas to reflect what is happening. April is also our first month being officially debt free, which is so exciting! Lets go ahead and hop in and go over what those goals are. 

  1. $400 Grocery Budget
  2. Read 1 Book
  3. Blog 3x a week
  4. Youtube 3x a Week
  5. New items in Etsy store at least 2x
  6. Work out daily with new fitness routine including morning yoga
  7. Continue listing items to sell
  8. Make X Amount Of Money On Youtube*
  9. Make X Amount Of Money On Etsy *
  10. Eat healthier and follow new meal plan
  11. Work on financial plan for the remainder of the year

*While I want to share that I have a goal to earn income through Youtube/Etsy, I will not be disclosing the exact amount of income I want to make for that month.

This month I don’t have as many goals and had to lower some of my usual obligations but that is OK. Other things need to be the main focus for the time being and I have to set my goals to be realistic and make them achievable. Next months might be different and back up to more goals and higher expectations but I am trying to keep my goals in line with real life. What are you goals for the month of April?

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