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Bathroom Cabinet Makeover Under $5

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover Under $5

When Colby and I first moved into this house we wrote down a list of projects we knew we wanted to tackle. Many of them have been checked off our list in the 9 months we have lived here but I can’t deny that there are still quite a few items left that need to be dealt with. One of those items was our medicine cabinet in our bathroom. We still need to tackle the outside of it and fix the mirror itself to look pretty (more on that in a different post) but what I really wanted to work on was the inside of the cabinet.

In the 9 months that we have been here we rarely used that cabinet simply because we hated it. Colby kept a few items in it but that was about it. I hated opening it up and seeing how ugly and old the inside looked. One day I finally had enough and the next time I ran out to the store I picked up a few items needed for this project.

I spent a little over $4 at the Dollar Tree and grabbed 2 sets of organizers (3 to a pack) and 2 rolls of contact paper in a gray/white design. Below is a photo of what the inside of our cabinets looked like…and honestly they look far better in this photo than in person. They were stained, rusted and just looked gross. I never wanted to open the doors. My original plan was to use the contact paper on the shelves and simply clean the inside of the cabinet really well. I soon switched my plan and decided to use contact paper on the entire inside of the cabinet and leave the glass shelving as is.

20160314_151425  20160314_151548.jpg

This is what the cabinets looked like after I lined the inside with the contact paper. Is it perfect? Heck no! But it looks 10x better than what it did before. I decided to place the contact paper on the back of the cabinet and on the floor. I choose to skip the sides as there were so may notches/grooves meant for the shelves and it wouldn’t have been a smooth surface to apply the contact paper on. Overall I love that the inside of my cabinet looks clean now and all it took was a couple rolls of contact paper.

Next it was time to organize. I used these blue organizers that come three in a pack at the dollar tree. They fit perfect in medicine cabinets and I have used similar ones in past rentals. They are long and skinny so they fit great in small spaces. I would have preferred white instead of the blue ones but this is all they had at the time of this project..not a big deal!

20160314_185217      20160314_185206

….and this is the after! I am loving the way it turned out. It was such a simple and inexpensive project and it took no time at all. The most difficult part was trying to cut it to fit correctly inside the cabinet but once I did one side the other came together in no time at all. Definitely a quick afternoon project and glad to finally have it checked off our our list. I actually enjoy opening up our cabinet now and love seeing the finished product.

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