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Black Friday Tips & Tricks

Black Friday Tips & Tricks

It’s Sunday but yet this isn’t a weekly buy post. You may have noticed this month has been lacking on weekly buys and there is a reason for that. I mentioned before that some of my monthly spending money has been getting put aside in order to pay for Christmas related Youtube expenses. The money I put aside goes towards buying Christmas cards for Youtube friends, stamps for sending cards back to viewers (and I go through ALOT of stamps) as well as gifts for some of my close Youtube friends. What this means in terms of weekly buys is for the past two weeks I haven’t really bought anything I can show. I have either bought gifts for friends that I can’t share online because they read my blog or I have just been tucking money away to pay for stamps/mailing supplies when needed.  The only thing I have actually bought myself in the past two weeks is some mascara and a new lip gloss. So instead of a weekly buy post, this week lets talk about Black Friday!

I have been a Black Friday shopper ever since I was a kid. I remember back in the day when JC Penny used to hand out tiny samples of chocolate and a coupon to their customers haha Over the years I have learned some tips and tricks about shopping the Black Friday sales and I wanted to pass on what I have learned to some of you!

DO have a plan. If you go into Black Friday shopping without a plan you might miss out on a sale because you didn’t mark out what stores  you needed to go to first.

DO make a list of items you are wanting to look for.

DO go with a friend. If you go with someone else you each can take a different section of the store and cover more ground meaning you better your chances at getting what you are after.

DO NOT buy something just because it is on sale. Just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you actually need it. Stick to your list!

DO NOT buy electronics. There are numerous resources that have shared that electronics sold on Black Friday are often poorly made and quickly made. I have heard horror stories of people buying electronics (ie TV’s) and having them stop working a month later. Many companies will quickly make an electronic and use substandard parts in order to sell them cheaply in large quantities on Black Friday. Research any electronic before buying especially if it is an off brand name you are not familiar with.

DO NOT buy exercise equipment. Although exercise gear goes on sale for Black Friday the best time to buy it is actually February once the New Year rush of fitness goals wains away.

DO buy DVD’s. There are amazing prices on DVS’s on Black Friday. Prices usually range from $1-$10. This is a great time to stock up for gifts as well as add to your own collection.

DO be careful no matter what type of payment you choose. If you choose to carry cash, always keep a close eye on it and do not turn your back from your wallet for one minute. Black Friday is often a crazy hectic time and makes for a perfect distraction for someone to take your cash. If you choose to use a debit or credit card, keep an eye on your bank statements until after Christmas. Security issues happen often around holiday time and makes for a great time for someone to steal your information. Keep an eye out for any fraudulent charges.

DO shop online! One thing many stores have now started is Black Friday deals online the week leading up to Black Friday. In the past customers used to have to wait until Cyber Monday but now you can score great deals even before Thanksgiving. To make things even better I have learned over the past two years that many stores even offer their Black Friday sales online!!! That means no standing in lines at 4am hoping to grab that one item that your kid just has to have. Last Christmas I was able to get my parents their car GPS from Best Buy for the same price offered on Black Friday without leaving my house. No need to stand in lines at 4am freezing my butt off hoping they still had them in stock. JC Penny, Target, and Best Buy are three stores I know offered the same deals on Black Friday both in stores and online last year.

DO research prices before purchasing an item. Sometimes a store will mark an item as if it is on sale when in reality it is the exact price it has always been listed for or even in some cases more! Companies can be sneaky with this. I have seen flannel shirts sold as a Black Friday deal for only $15 but what the store fails to tell you is that the same item regularly sells for $15 and sometimes $10 when on normal sale. The idea behind this ploy is to make customers think the item is a great price and a limited amount for that price even though that isn’t the case. This means customers will buy more of this item just because it is Black Friday despite the fact they can get that same item any time for the same price or less.

Do you go Black Friday shopping? If so what are some of the tips and tricks you have learned over the years?

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