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Childhood Christmas Traditions

Childhood Christmas Traditions

Do you and your family have any Christmas traditions that you celebrate each year? How about traditions you had as a child….did you carry on those traditions with your own children? As an adult I still have such fond memories of the Christmas traditions my family had while I was growing up. My all time favorite though, was always Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Eve my mom would cook a Christmas dinner just for the four of us. Although it was always the same type of food we would have the very next day, it always seemed more special the night before. We would sit down as a family and enjoy our meal (sometimes to candlelight if my 10 year old self got my way haha) and A Christmas Story would be playing on repeat in the background. Hello 48 glorious hours of  A Christmas Story! After our dinner my sister and I would get into our pajamas and we would all jump in the car and head out to Oglebay Park to go look at their light display. Every year we would make the drive to go see these lights and some years we even went when it was snowing like crazy outside. As an adult I still love looking at light displays and it is something I look forward to each year.

Once home from looking at all of the beautiful lights we would park ourselves in front of the heater and continue watching, you guessed it, A Christmas Story. Every Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one gift as well but it had to be a smaller gift. Every year without fail I would chose my Grandma’s Box. This was one of my favorite gifts and something I have talked about on my Youtube channel in the past. My Grandma’s Box was my all time favorite gift and something I still hold near and dear to my heart. Every Christmas Eve I would choose to open this gift and I can honestly only remember one time throughout my childhood that I chose to open something different.

You see there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary or crazy about this gift. It was quite literally, a shoe box or a gift box filled with a random assortment of things. You truly never knew what Grandma would put in there. Sometimes it was craft items or notepads, maybe some cute little trinkets or hair ties. Other times you would find Kleenex and toothpaste or very odd looking glass figurines lol But, that is what made it so much fun and so special. I honestly can’t explain it and  I am not sure I really ever can explain the magic behind it. Out of all the grandchildren my sister and I were the only ones who I think really ever got what the box was all about. In fact, I loved it so much that my Grandma continued to make me a box up until I was 18. Every other grandchild was cut off at 16 because it got to be too expensive and too hard to find stuff to go in them. But, my Grandma knew how much the box meant to me and so I got to carry on that tradition for two extra years.

Colby and I currently do not have any children but when we do I very much want to carry on the tradition of Christmas Eve with our own children. I can not wait to get them into their PJ’s and see their smiling faces as we head out to go look at lights. It was always such a magical experience for myself as a child and I can not wait to share that with our children one day.

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