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Childhood Memories Of Halloween

Childhood Memories Of Halloween


With Halloween just around  the corner I thought what better time than to share a couple of my favorite Halloween memories I have as a kid.

When I was little I went out trick or treating with all of my cousins. We were all around the same age, give or take a few years. Everyone would meet at my house and then off we would go. I grew up in a small town and I lived in a pretty small neighborhood so everyone knew everyone by name. I knew who all our neighbors were and they knew who I was and who my parents were. During Halloween though, it wasn’t uncommon for kids from neighboring areas to go trick or treating in our area. The benefit of knowing who your neighbors were though meant that if you lived in the area, those passing out candy knew who you were as well. This meant you got “the good candy.” Yep, there were houses that would hide the good candy for the kids that lived in the neighborhood. This meant the king size candy bars or being able to take multiple pieces of candy instead of one. There was actually a couple houses that we visited that my school teachers lived in and this always meant multiple pieces of candy. During our rounds in the neighborhood there was one house in particular that always stood out. A very beloved school teacher lived here. She knew every face of every student she taught and the brothers and sisters of each student. So even during the years before I had this teacher, they had already had my sister and so they knew who I was. This meant that we got the good candy….a king size candy bar of our choice, a small bag of chips, a popcorn ball, and a Huggie (do they even still make those anymore? haha). This was our favorite place to stop. I remember walking around our neighborhood drinking my blue Huggie and snacking on my chips as we finished up our trick or treating. We always felt special leaving there because we knew that only certain kids got the “good candy.”

Another thing I remember about trick or treating is the aftermath. And no I am not talking about the belly aches that came from gorging on too much candy.  Now if you were anything like me, the second you got home, you dumped your bag of candy all over the dining room table. I then made piles of each type of candy I received. It was always my goal to score as many peanut butter cups as I could. Those were my favorite…and my dad’s too. I remember counting out how many peanut butter cups I had and then offering some to my dad. He could have a couple but not all of them lol My mom on the other hand loved tootsie rolls and I hated them, so I gladly handed those over to her.

Growing up there comes a time when you have to say good bye to trick or treating. For me, I  wanted to give it up much earlier than my friends. Where I went to school there was no middle school. Only Elementary  and High school…so naturally I thought that once in High school it was time to say goodbye to trick or treating. I felt too old. I was in 7th grade and decided that I was officially done with trick or treating so I didn’t go that year. Come 8th grade though my friends all decided to go one last time and were trying to convince me to come. At first I said no because I thought we were too old but somehow my mom convinced me I should go just one last time with everyone. I decided to go one last time with a  big group of friends… and it was pretty fun. Plus, who doesn’t love free candy? I remember I went as a pirate that year and I still have the photos, though those should never see the light of day again haha. Fun fact, Colby actually went trick or treating with us that year and I had no idea. We weren’t friends yet but we had friends in common. It is crazy to look back at those photos and there we both were, no idea that we would get married one day!

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories you have as a kid?

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