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February Goals Recap

February Goals Recap

February is officially over and it is time to take a look at my goals and find out what I accomplished…and didn’t. 

  1. Low Spend Month (Be Mindful Of Spending) Although we did end up saving an extra $450 that is going towards debt we did not do as well as I wanted us to. You can read all about the outcome of our low spend month here. 
  2. $300 Grocery Budget. We ended up going over our $300 budget by quite a bit. Not sure what happened here but it is what it is.
  3. Read 2 Books. Just like January, I ended up only reading 1 book. My overall goal for 2017 is to read 12 books so I am still on track with that BUT ultimately I would like to read 2 books a month. This month I read a “trashy, not good for you, guilty pleasure” type of book. You know the kind. The books that offer no real value or knowledge but are just fun to read.  This month I read a book called  “Knowing His Secret”
  4. Blog 3x A Week. In February I posted 7 times. If I would have blogged 3x a week that would have been 12 blog posts. Although I had a bunch of content I wanted to post somehow I just never got around to it. Seeing how little I posted this month actually inspired me to be more proactive with my blog in the upcoming months. I want to blog frequently and with a purpose.
  5. Youtube 3x A Week. I really failed when it came to posting videos this month. I only posted 6 videos! Just like with my blog, seeing how little I posted really made me take a step back and realize I need to be focused more on my content and set up a schedule that works in terms of posting.
  6. New Items In Etsy Store Weekly HUGE fail when it came to my Etsy store this month. I only posted two times on my Etsy Youtube channel and I only had 1 week of new releases. Etsy just took a back burner this month. I will say that I have a TON of new releases I have been working on and with my 2 year Anniversary of my little store happening on March 1, Etsy is my main focus for the next couple of days.
  7. Work Out 3x A Week. Not going to lie, working out barely happened this month. I was sick for a week and Colby was home for a week on vacation and working out was the last thing I wanted to do. BUT I did do a lot of walking and hiking this month as the weather has been beautiful so that counts somewhat right?
  8. Scrapbook Weekly This is one thing that I did do this month! I have really been getting back into scrapbooking and crafting and enjoying it. It is something I have been finding myself doing in the evenings after dinner.
  9. List Items To Sell I didn’t end up listing any items yet but I did pull out everything that I wanted to sell and I now have about 3 big totes full of clothing, home decor, furniture, etc that I can now photograph and post on multiple selling platforms come March.
  10. Follow New Daily Schedule This is something that I started implementing in February and while I did not follow it exactly or even every day I did try to follow it as much as possible. Ultimately the idea of my new schedule was to focus on “work” stuff in the morning (Youtube, Etsy, Blog, etc) and then housework and errands in the afternoon. Then the evenings were for myself.  This meant I answered emails and comments, filmed and edited videos, wrote blog posts and created and listed new Etsy items in the morning and then stopped. Working from home makes it incredibly easy to work on those items all day and not ever give myself a break from them. While I love what I do and that I can make an income from those things I find it hard to call it quits and turn my attention to things I WANT to do not HAVE to do. By setting a designated “work” time to accomplish those things, it allows me to get what I need to get done and then tuck those things away and focus my attention on something else once the time alloted is up. This is still easier said than done but it is something I am working on.
  11. Make X Amount Of Money On Youtube* I am happy to report that I made right around what I hoped to bring in for the month.
  12. Make X Amount Of Money On Etsy * For how little I focused on Etsy  this month I really wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of sales or income but I was actually pleasantly surprised. In the end I surpassed the income goal I had for myself for February.
  13. Get A Library Card Although accomplished at the very end of February, I FINALLY got my library card and can now take advantage of the e-books my library offers.
  14. Work On Gift For The Hubby I wanted to do something nice for Colby this month and make him a little homemade gift. Something I haven’t done in awhile. I came across the idea of making him a Loveopoly board game, which is essentially Monopoly but with your own cards, places, etc. It wasn’t easy and took way longer than I thought it would but it was still fun to make and he thought it was really cool so I am happy that I put in the time and effort to make it.

Overall I am a bit unhappy with how my February went. The month in general seemed to drag on and I feel like very little was accomplished. This just wasn’t my month and I am really not sure what happened. Here’s to hoping March is a better month and I accomplish more things! 

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