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February Goals

February Goals

Alright it is that time again. Time to talk about my goals for the upcoming month. Many of my goals for February are the same as those in January but I do have a couple new things on my list.

  1. Low Spend Month (Be Mindful Of Spending)
  2. $300 Grocery Budget
  3. Read 2 Books
  4. Blog 3x A Week
  5. Youtube 3x A Week
  6. New Items In Etsy Store Weekly
  7. Work Out 3x A Week
  8. Scrapbook Weekly
  9. List Items To Sell
  10. Follow New Daily Schedule
  11. Make X Amount Of Money On Youtube*
  12. Make X Amount Of Money On Etsy *
  13. Get A Library Card
  14. Work On Gift For The Hubby

*While I want to share that I have a goal to earn income through Youtube/Etsy, I will not be disclosing the exact amount of income I want to make for that month.

If you want to see what my goals for the month of January were you can read about that here and you can also read about how I did with those goals here.

Do you make monthly goals? If so, what are some of your goals for the month of February?

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4 thoughts on “February Goals”

  • Hi Jamie! Have you ever had library card or are you just updating and getting a new one?
    I like seeing when you post new things. I get so happy. My daughter and I are going out just for a fun girls day today and we gone go to Aldis. Its a few hours away but I want to check it out! We have our quarter too lol.

    • I have had library cards in the past but I don’t have one currently .Getting one was a goal for January but sadly it got put off, so it’s on my list for February 🙂

  • I also have one more question. On your blog posts that share pictures, where do you get the ideas from? Do you take photo shots of things or people that you know or are they jusr random pictures you find? Im just curious. You do really well with the pictures that you add on your blogs.

    • It depends. Some photos are stock photography that I pay a site to use and others I take myself 🙂

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