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How To Get Back On Track After An Off Month

How To Get Back On Track After An Off Month

I mentioned in the past couple posts that February was an off month for me. I feel like the month dragged on and yet nothing got done. Nothing really went as planned and things just seemed kind of chaotic. So, it goes without saying that during the month of February we went off budget, cleaning and errands got pushed aside, fitness stopped, etc. When the end of February rolled around and I had to write the blogpost on my goals for that month, it really became clear how much of an off month I really had. Everyone has an off month, week, day from time to time…it happens. And when this happens it is normal to feel overwhelmed by everything piling up and how much you have been putting off. So what do you do? What do you do when you fall off track and it feels like nothing will ever be the same again?

Take a deep breath.
The first thing you need to do is take a deep breathe. Realize that everything is going to be OK and things will get back in order. Realize you messed up but it happens and move on. Don’t beat yourself up for it…everyone has an off moment from time to time. The key here is learning to realize when it’s time to put everything back together.

Make a list.

You can’t expect to know where to start if you don’t know what needs done. Make a list of everything that you need/want to accomplish and order it from the most important task to the least. If my house has fallen into disarray I will walk around the entire place and go room to room making a list of tasks that need accomplished.

Start small.

Sometimes the hardest part about trying to get back on track is simply starting. When we become overwhelmed by our surroundings it is hard to know where to start and often we will postpone doing anything. It helps to start small. If you used to work out 5 days a week and then you had an off month, start back small. Try 2 or 3 days a week and work your way back up to 5. If the kitchen is a disaster, look around the room and find the smallest/easiest task. Maybe your counters need cleaned, dishes done, and trash to be taken out…start with the trash. It is a small easy task that can be done in a couple minutes and starting this small task will put you in the right mindset to accomplish the rest.

Make a plan.

It’s normal to fall off your schedule every once in awhile. Things come up and life just happens. But, if you don’t have any type of plan in place it is easy to let things get our of hand and fall off track, You don’t need to have every minute of every day scheduled but you do need to have a broad idea of what your day looks like. It isn’t necessary to mark down 1pm eat lunch, 1:30 wash dishes, 2pm wipe counters. If that type of schedule helps you then by all means do it but for most people a broad idea will work. Plan mornings to be for housework, afternoons work and evenings fitness. Just having an idea of how your day will go often helps keep tasks on track.

Switch it up.

Sometimes we have an off month because we get overwhelmed or busy by life but other times we can have an off month because we are bored and have a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation can sometimes occur due to depression, unhappiness in ones life,etc but it can also happen if we are just plain bored with our schedule. Maybe you have been at the same job for years and no longer find the work rewarding, maybe you have been doing the same workout for 5 months and it is no longer challenging, maybe you are just ready for a change of scenery. When we aren’t excited by our life and our day to day activities become boring it is easy to lose track of what we once loved. If we see no reward or benefit in doing those tasks we choose to not bother with them. Switch it up. We are creatures of habit but we can also benefit from switching it up from time to time. If you find you had an odd month and it was out of boredom it may be time to re-prioritize your life and work towards things that really matter to you.

Have you ever had an off month or week or even day? If you did, what did you do to get back on track?

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