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How To Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

How To Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

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It never fails…come Spring time ants start to invade homes. This has been the case for us for the past couple years. About the first week or two of March, right after a big rain or thunderstorm, the ants arrive. The first Spring we lived here it caught us by surprise, last year we we knew to expect it and this year I knew that come March I would need to begin the battle! They arrived early this year, the very first day of March and right after a big storm, just like I knew they would. They arrived slowly this time though with just a few here and there in our bathroom. But, I was prepared and I know that shortly they will be gone because I have a system that works and is foul proof and I want to share it with you.

I don’t know about you but in the past I tried every remedy under the sun to get rid of ants. I tried ant traps, ant sprays, homemade remedies such as cinnamon or borax mixed with sugar water, etc. Nothing worked and if they did work it never lasted. The thing is, most sprays only increase the problem. When you spray an ant and it dies it sends out a pheromone to the rest of its colony letting them know their is trouble and this brings even more ants because they come to help. You need to kill not only the ants you see but the ants in the colony that you don’t see as well. It doesn’t help to kill only the ones you see because you aren’t getting to the source of the problem and more will inevitably come. I finally found the solution though and I want to help you learn it too so you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to get rid of these pesky little things.

Learn when they come and where they show up.

If you can figure out the time when ants show up at your house you can be ready for them, sometimes even beat them to their game before they arrive. This takes time. For us it took 2 Springs to realize they always showed up right after a big storm at the beginning of March. But, with that information I now know that the week leading up to March I should start working on getting rid of them (even before they arrive) and I also know to expect them so they don’t catch me off guard. It also helps to pay attention to where they show up. Do they show up in the same spot every time, in a certain room or certain area? Our ants love to show up in our bathroom as well as our kitchen windowsill. Every single time I know I will find them there. This lets me prep those areas ahead of  time both indoor and outdoor.

Beat them to their game. 

The very first thing I do before the ants even arrive is prep the areas I know they frequent. This means I ensure my counters are thoroughly cleaned, floors mopped, and I spray the areas with vinegar. Next I look for any holes or cracks in our windowsills and re-caulk if necessary. You want to make sure there are no spots that ants can come into your house through and they only need the tiniest crack to do so. Then I go outside. I spray the surrounding areas along side my house with an outdoor spray and I place ant stakes. I am a HUGE advocate for the brand Terro. By placing ant stakes around the perimeter of your home this helps to take care of the ants outside before they even have a chance to come indoors. Killing them at the source.

Terro Liquid Ant Bait…..otherwise known as the liquid god of ant killers. 

There are so many ant bait traps on the market and I have tried them all but anytime anyone ever tells me they have an ant problem I immediately tell them to go get Terro liquid ant bait. It works and it works quickly. I set these little trays up anywhere I see ants and let them work their magic. The trays are filled with a mixture that attracts the ants….and when I say it attracts them, be warned….TONS of ants will come flocking to these trays. You may have only been able to see one or two but know that there are a bunch more hiding. I know it is gross and annoying but trust me you want this! This is how you are going to kill not only the ants you see but the ones you don’t as well. You see ants only send out so many from their colony at a time…they search for food and water and when they find it they call the others to come get it. Then the ants take the food back to their colony to feed everyone. This is what happens with the Terro. Ants LOVE this stuff and they drink it themselves and take it back to their colony for the rest to partake in. What they don’t realize is they are taking back a solution that will kill them. So for the first day or two a bunch of ants will come and take that liquid goodness back to their colony and they will all die. And slowly you realize there is only 1 or 2 little stragglers left in your home. This is good. But, were not done. You will be free of ants for about 2 weeks and then sure enough they will come back. And you want to repeat the process with the Terro. Another day or two of a bunch of ants and then nothing….and usually after that you will be good. The thing is ant colonies are HUGE and it takes awhile to get rid of an entire colony. Sometimes your home may even have multiple colonies invading it at the same time. But I am telling you, Terro works and it works quickly and it is the most effective thing I have found.

So if you find yourself dealing with an invasion of ants this Spring, I hope this post can help. I know how frustrating it can be when you try everything and nothing works. And I know how much you want them gone quickly as well and from experience I know my method works. I hope you give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

*** This post is not sponsored by Terro….I am just a crazy person who takes stock in Terro every year and tells everyone I can about how much it works!

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  • Cinnamon (doesnt kill them, but they hate it and so it stops them) and good ol borax (kills them) do the trick! Especially if you have pets 🙂

    • Yes cinnamon is only suppose to repel them which I have never had luck with. Plus even if it does repel them you are not getting rid of the actual problem ( the colony). I have tried borax mixed with sugar water and never had luck with that either. Only thing that has ever worked and works every time and quickly is Terro 🙂

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