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January Goals Recap

January Goals Recap

How is it that January has come and gone already? It seems like we just started the New Year and now we are already one month into it. With February starting tomorrow, I guess it is time to look at my January goals and see how I did. 

  1. No Spend Month (only necessities) We ended up with 26/31 days in January being no spend days. We broke our no spend 5 times. Once when Colby forgot his lunch and needed to buy food. Another time to buy a car part we needed. After said car part was replaced we went out to eat and paid for our friends dinner as a thank you. We also spent money to get our dogs nails trimmed and lastly I spent $5 for a hoodie that was on clearance for my husband. Overall I think we did really well with our no spend and we ended up saving over 1k because of it.
  2. Grocery Budget $300. My grocery budget this month came in at $387, so $87 over budget. Not terrible though considering most regular months I spend about $450-$500. I honestly can’t remember the last time I spent less than $400. Going to keep trying to lower that bill to $300 though, I know I can do it!
  3. Increase my monthly income even more. Work in progress but coming along pretty nicely. I added a few new ways to earn income and hope to see over the next month or two how much money that will bring in.
  4. Read 2 books. I ended up only reading 1 book this month. I read The Made From Scratch Life : Simple Ways to Create a Natural Home which is a book I asked for and received for Christmas. While not my favorite read it did have some good tips and tricks in it as well as some tasty recipes I want to try.
  5. Start a new journal for 2017. I bought a beautiful black faux leather journal and I am loving it. I don’t journal every day because I don’t want it to be forced and feel like I have to write in it. Instead I journal when I am having a bad day or a really good day or something exciting is happening that I want to remember.
  6. Blog 3x a week. I wrote 9 blog posts throughout January. If I would have blogged 3x a week that would have been 14 posts for January…so I fell short 5 posts!
  7. Youtube 3x a week. I ended up posting about 2 or 3x a week…which totaled 13 posts for the month of January.
  8. New items weekly in my Etsy store. I re-opened my store the second week of Jan and  listed new items in my store every week from that point on.
  9. De-clutter,deep clean, and organize house. Still a work in progress and something that will carry over into the upcoming months but I did declutter quite a bit this month. I worked on my makeup, my nail polishes, our one closet, our boardgames, etc.
  10. Workout at least 3x a week. Colby and I decided to start working out together this month. We aim to work out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but we try to stay flexible. I am happy to say for the first 2 weeks of January I worked out 3x a week, the third week I only managed 2x and then back up to 3x for week 4.

How did you do in the month of January? Did you stick to your goals or fall off the wagon? 

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    • Sure Sarah, I can talk about how I make money from home. I will put it on my list of things to write about 🙂

  • I fell short on some of mine– and accomplished a few others. I have started my list for Feb so hopefully, I will accomplish it all. I need to do my Jan recap.

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