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March Goals Recap

March Goals Recap

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With only a couple days left in March I thought I would go ahead and go over how I did with my goals this month. I am going to say right up front that while I did great on some of my goals, some I failed miserably at but there is a reason for this. My Youtube channel, Etsy, and even this blog were big fails for me and they got pushed to the background about halfway through the month. First it was due to both the hubby and I getting sick and then I was dealing with some things happening in my personal life that 100% needed to take precedent over anything else. Nothing bad at all, quite the opposite, but still things that required my full attention. Now that we have gotten that out of the way lets jump in and see what I actually did and didn’t accomplish.

  1. $400 Grocery Budget. Let’s not talk about grocery budgets. Sigh :/ Because we were both sick we ended up buying some more quick to cook meals as well as cold medicine, Gatorade to replenish fluid, etc. Our grocery budget doesn’t just include food but medicine as well and cold medicine, especially when two people need it, goes fast and isn’t cheap. Especially when you buy the good stuff!
  2. Read 2 Books. I am beginning to sense a trend here…2 books is just being a bit ambitious. But one book seems to be pretty easy to accomplish. My overall goal for the year is only to read 12 books, so 1 book a month still allows me to reach it but I was hoping to read even more. Even so, I ended up reading a financial book this month…“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and it was a pretty good read. I would definitely recommend it.
  3. Blog Daily. I had high hopes for my blog this month and wanted to give daily blogging a try. I did great at the beginning of the month and for the first 2 weeks I posted every weekday. After that, like I said in the beginning of this post, I got sick and then life happened and my focus was needed elsewhere.
  4. Youtube 3x A Week. Again something that unfortunately was a bit neglected due to being sick and my focus needing to be elsewhere. Sadly I ended up posting only 6x in the month of March. This truly does make me sad because I have a list of videos I need/want to film for my channel. I just wasn’t able to this month.
  5. New Items In Etsy Store Weekly. I was really bad this month and I honestly don’t think I posted any new items at all. But, my issue this month wasn’t having products to post, I have actually been creating a ton of new things to sell, including cute planner paper clips, but again I just wasn’t able to devote my attention to my shop..
  6. Work Out 3x A Week. Minimal working out this month, but lots of walks with Jax as the weather has been a lot nicer lately. Working on a new fitness routine for the upcoming month!
  7. List Items To Sell. I listed quite a few items on our local Facebook yard sale page as well as started working on the rough draft for listing on places like Poshmark and Ebay. I am actually just starting to get into the whole reselling on Ebay market as well and although I still have a bunch to learn I am excited to try it out.
  8. Follow Daily Schedule This is actually something that I have done pretty well on. While I don’t follow it exactly everyday I am still trying to keep “work” related items to the morning and keeping the afternoons for cleaning and evenings for anything else I want to do.
  9. Make X Amount Of Money On Youtube* Not quite where I wanted to be this month in terms of Youtube income but with only posting 6x this month I was not at all surprised.
  10. Make X Amount Of Money On Etsy *  Despite not posting any new products and minimal posting on my Etsy Instagram, I actually surpassed my income goals I set for myself for the month of March! This really took me by surprise but so glad it all worked out
  11. Work on bringing in income from new revenues on blog. This is something that I was actually really excited for. I am happy to say that I have found some additional ways to make money on my blog and even outside of my blog. As I mentioned earlier I have started to get into reselling on Ebay and my favorite past time as of late has been watching all of the amazing ebay sellers on Youtube. They have so many wonderful ideas and it is so awesome that they share their tips and tricks with others.
  12. Prep garden + start seeds indoors. While I got a little bit of a late start on prepping my seeds indoors, I am happy to say the seeds that needed to be planted are ready to go! Now just to wait until they are big enough to transplant outside into our actual garden.
  13. Research possible Colorado vacation. We still haven’t fully decided where we want to go on vacation this year. We plan on visiting Washington DC again but want to take another trip as well. We were leaning towards Hawaii for quite some time but decided to take a look at pricing out trips to Colorado as well. In the end we decided we will not be going to Colorado this year but will keep it on our list for future vacations. There are a couple other places we are now researching as well (Niagara Falls & Virgin Islands).
  14. Research tax withholding & adjust for 2017. Although this is on my goal list this particular goal is actually something Colby needed to take care of. I researched as much as I could at home to see what we might want to change and now just waiting for Colby to talk with the HR department at his work. Hoping to have this completely taken care of by April.
  15. Pay off debt! The one goal that I am so incredibly happy to say we achieved! We finished off paying the last remaining bit of Colby’s student loans this past week. WE ARE OFFICIALLY DEBT FREE!!!! It feels so amazing to say that. A little over 2 years and over 32k of combined student loan debt and it is all officially paid off. We could not be happier. There are so many exciting things happening and things to come and not having any debt is such an amazing feeling. I will officially be making the announcement and talking about this in an upcoming video on my Youtube channel so stay tuned! Until then, if you want to watch the video where we paid off my student loan debt you can find it here. 

Overall March was a weird month. While I failed miserably at some things there is still so much to be thankful for. The main one becoming debt free. There is no better thing in the world! Our money is ours and only better things are to come. 

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