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March Goals

March Goals

Alright it is that time again. Time to talk about my goals for the upcoming month. By now you may have come to realize that I have many of the same goals each month. This is because most of these things are goals I have for the entire year but I like to break them down each month and get a bit more specific. This helps to make them more manageable. For example, instead of saying I want to read 12 books for the year, I choose a small manageable number for each month. Or instead of saying I want to increase my income I bring in, I set a certain income goal I want to reach that month. With that being said lets jump in to the actual goals!

  1. $400 Grocery Budget
  2. Read 2 Books
  3. Blog Daily
  4. Youtube 3x A Week
  5. New Items In Etsy Store Weekly
  6. Work Out 3x A Week
  7. List Items To Sell
  8. Follow Daily Schedule
  9. Make X Amount Of Money On Youtube*
  10. Make X Amount Of Money On Etsy *
  11. Work on bringing in income from new revenues on blog
  12. Prep garden + start seeds indoors
  13. Research possible Colorado vacation
  14. Research tax withholding & adjust for 2017
  15. Pay off debt!

*While I want to share that I have a goal to earn income through Youtube/Etsy, I will not be disclosing the exact amount of income I want to make for that month.

If you want to see what my goals for the month of February were you can read about that here and you can also read about how I did with those goals here. If you want to go back to the beginning you can also check out my goals for January! 

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