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My Daily Cleaning Schedule

My Daily Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning routine is your best friend. Not only does it ensure that tasks get completed when they should but it helps to make sure your house is always clean and welcoming for guests. I have been a stay at home wife for over six years and throughout that time I have tried out numerous cleaning routines. I have tried ones I have found online, ones I created myself…I have cleaned my house from top to bottom all in one day, spread it out over the week, and tried different tasks on certain days. It took me awhile until I finally created a routine that works for me, is easy to follow, and doesn’t take an entire day to do. 

I break my cleaning routine down into 3 sections. I have a daily schedule, a specific room for each day of the week, and a monthly schedule.

You can download my Cleaning Schedule here for your own personal use.

First is my daily schedule. I have my daily routine of things I absolutely have to do every day. If I have limited amount of time to clean I at least make sure my daily tasks get done if nothing else. Following the daily cleaning schedule ensures my home is picked up and for the most part pretty clean. This means if someone stops over unannounced my house is “guest ready” and I won’t be cringing the entire time they are here, worrying that my house is a disaster. My daily routine is simple things like picking up items that might be out of place,  making our bed, cleaning any dishes that might be in the sink or that need to be put away. I wipe down the counters in the kitchen and bathroom, do a quick swish of the toilet and run the vacuum super quick. You aren’t trying to get into all the nooks and crannies here, you just want a quick clean up to get rid of any visible debris.

Next I focus on 1 room each day of the week. Each room has a designated day of the week in which I clean it. I try to focus my attention on the weekdays and leave the weekends free from BIG cleaning. For example, on Mondays I clean our living room, Tuesdays our Kitchen and so on. Depending on what room I am working on will depend on the tasks at hand but there are some cleaning tasks that get completed each day in different rooms: vacuuming and mopping the floors, dusting, wiping down windows, etc. Once all of my daily tasks are done for the day I move on to each specific room. This is when I do my deep cleaning. I vacuum and mop the floors and make sure it is a thorough vacuum, getting into all the nooks and crannies, moving furniture out of the way, etc. If you follow the daily tasks each day then no room should ever be that “dirty” and deep cleaning that area should come pretty easy. My weekends are a bit different in terms of cleaning. While weekends have specific tasks, the bulk of my cleaning is designed for weekdays so that weekend cleaning only takes a small fraction of time. Weekends are kept to quick pick ups, cleaning out our cars, cleaning the fridge/freezer for upcoming grocery trips, and putting out the trash.

Last are those tasks that really only need to get done once a month. Usually these are items that don’t need to get done too often but still need taken care of so they don’t get out of hand. Things like washing all your walls, touching up paint, moving big pieces of furniture or appliances to clean behind (ie. stove, fridge, sofa), tossing expired food or medications, etc

Cleaning schedules can be extremely helpful and while I do follow mine the majority of the time I would be lying if I said I never skipped a day. Cleaning schedules are great but if I am being honest here there are some days I don’t do some tasks because they just aren’t needed. I’m not going to spend time cleaning something that isn’t dirty or doing a task that really doesn’t need done just because my schedule told me I was supposed to do it that day. If it needs cleaned I clean it, if it doesn’t then why waste the time! Cleaning schedules also aren’t one size fit all. It took me a long time to find one that worked for me but just because mine works great for me doesn’t mean it will work great for you. I think any schedule you find online is a great starting point but you may need to add things to your list or tweak it a bit so it fits your needs. If you try one out and it doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged, find another or create your own…tweak it until it works for you and you can do it with your eyes closed and two hands tied behind your back. 

Do you have a cleaning schedule that you follow? If so I would love to hear from you! 

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  • Thank you for your cleaning schedule! We use something similar when we offer our cleaning services with packages and time frames, but is it ok if we provide this to potential clients? Or would you prefer us to direct you to their site?

    • Hi Cal. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed my cleaning schedule. You are free to share my schedule with your clients but I would love if you included where you found it so they could be directed to my site. Thanks!

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