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November Goals Wrap Up

November Goals Wrap Up

For the month of November I decided to share some of my goals with all of you! You are probably wondering how I did and if my goals were a fail or a success. So, here is what happened this past month…

  • Post on my blog 3x a week -My goal for my blog is to post 3x a week, or Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays. That would have equalled 14 blogposts in the month of November. Unfortunately, I only ended up posting 6x. I am not sure what happened here. I had ideas for posts I wanted to write and somehow I just never made the time to write them. Definitely disappointed that I did not post as much as I wanted and something I will strive for in December.
  • Increase the amount of videos I post on my Youtube channel– I am happy to say that I did increase how many videos I posted. I ended up posting 20 videos, so out of 30 days in November, I would say that is not bad at all!
  • Post weekly releases on my Etsy Youtube channel- My goal for this new channel was to post once a week. Initially I thought I would post on Mondays but quickly realized Tuesdays worked better. I posted every week with the exception of the last week in November due to it being Holiday time and just having Black Friday sales. I did not have any new releases for that week so no need for a video.
  • Post daily on my Etsy Instagram- While I did not post every single day in November, I did post multiple times each week and truthfully I am OK with that. I went from barely posting about my business to posting multiple times a week. By posting more, I saw an increase in traffic to my Etsy store, an increase in sales, and an increase in the amount of people who followed that Instagram account. Overall I say it was a smart move and something I will continue with,
  • Stick to a $400 grocery budget- November I decided to do monthly grocery shopping. I did the bulk of our shopping at the beginning of the month and then allocated $100 for produce and lunch items to get us through the rest of the month. Happy to report that while I did not hit my $400 goal I did only spend $450 which is an improvement on my usual $500 I typically spend. Although I didn’t meet my goal I still consider it a small win as I did spend less than I normally do.
  • Continue working on Amazon Mechanical Turk but up it to 1hr a day- Sadly Mechanical Turk fell by the wayside in November as I ended up focusing more of my time on my Youtube channel. Honestly this ended up being a smart move for me as I ended up doubling the income that I normally make on Youtube. I am not sure if I will continue with M-Turk or not in the future and that is something I am still deciding on.
  • Exercise at least 3x a week but aim for 5x a week- Happy to report that I did keep up with my fitness goals and worked out 3x a week. With holiday time coming though I can see that falling by the wayside but if it does you can bet come January I will be back full force at it!
  • Do something fun every weekend (attend Fall & Christmas festivals)- November was full of lots of fun weekends. The first weekend in November we went hiking to a new spot we had never been and it was absolutely beautiful with all the leaves changing. We attended our favorite Christmas craft show that we go to every year, we went to a new craft show we had never been to, and we went ice skating. While not all of those are craft shows, we still had a blast every weekend!
  • Eye doctor- new glasses- I ended up not needing an eye exam as my last one was still within the normal time frame but I did need new glasses. I originally planned on just ordering some online when Colby ordered a new pair for himself but the site we like to use did not have the glasses I wanted in the specs I needed. Then I found a pair I did like that did have the specs I needed but somehow something went wrong and my order ended up being canceled. I decided that I am just going to go back to Sears Optical, where we have gone before, and get glasses in person.
  • Read at least 2 books if not more- I actually ended up reading 4 books this month. Two financial books, one fun read type of book, and a thrifty living book.
  • Finish household projects that we have been putting off- This is one item that we started in November and are still finishing up due to some issues that came up. I talk more about this in a video I posted over on my Youtube channel but I am happy to say that the projects are getting done. The wood and paint/stain was bought and everything is falling into place and should be finished later this week!
  • Dentist check up- I absolutely hate the dentist and I have extreme dental anxiety/dental phobia but teeth are important to our health and so I make sure I get my twice a year visits in. I originally wanted to schedule an appointment for November but since I decided to switch to a new dentist the next available appointment wasn’t until December. So December appointment it is! 
  • Family Fall photos- We took so many photos during Fall this year it is crazy! Of course I made sure we had some family ones taken as well. I generally just do our family photos myself with a tripod and my Nikon and although they aren’t professional, I think they turn out pretty well!
  • Try a new recipe at least once a week- November we decided to do monthly grocery shopping and along with that I wanted to try out some new recipes. I filled my Pinterest board with so many yummy recipes and we easily tried out 1 or 2 each week. I think our favorite was Cheddar Bacon Potato Soup and Pork chops baked in the oven with an apple wood seasoning rub. One recipe we did try that we did not care for was a red wine slow cooker roast beef. It just tasted off and  the flavor was quite overpowering.

Overall I think November was a pretty good month in terms of goals and I am happy with what I did accomplish and the items I did check off my list. Did you accomplish your goals this past month?

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