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Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area

Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area

This past weekend Colby and I were supposed to attend a Christmas craft show called Christmas At The Barn. However, we had stayed up pretty late the night before and we ended up sleeping in a little too late the next day to attend the craft show. We decided since it was such a beautiful day out though we didn’t want to waste it indoors so we went for a hike. We decided to try someplace new and go hiking in a spot we had never been. We wanted a place that also allowed for dogs to be off leash so Jax could burn off some energy. Jax LOVES hiking off leash and does amazing at it, never going further than maybe a foot or two in front of us. We settled on a place called the Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area. It was beautiful there! There was even an overlook that let you view the canyon below you and the opposite side of the mountain from where we normally hike.  The beautiful thing about this hike is I didn’t film any of it for Youtube. While I love sharing our hikes with everyone, sometimes it is nice to put my camera down and not worry about if I am getting enough footage or filming something interesting. On this hike I snapped a couple photos (I couldn’t resist with how pretty it was) tucked my camera away and spent the majority of our hike holding hands with my husband and basking in the beautiful trees and views. We spent an amazing 3 1/2 hours hiking and during that time we only saw three other hikers. Definitely a great place if you want some peace and quiet. It was awesome! 


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