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The Ups And Downs Of Finding A Job

The Ups And Downs Of Finding A Job

Awhile back I wrote a blog post talking about how I wanted to start looking for a job outside of the home. It’s been months since I posted that and yet here I am still without a job. Job hunting is hard! Throughout this process I have had one consistent thought…why is it that when I don’t want to work and I am not looking for a job there are a ton of openings in my field but the second I want to work and actively start looking there are none? This has happened on more than one occasion and I know this because despite the times where I have been happy staying home and not looking for jobs I would still occasionally browse job sites just to see what was out there. Whenever I wasn’t looking for a job it felt like there were openings in my field but the second I actively look it feels like they all poof into thin air.

I have mentioned before that the area we live in is not really a great place for someone looking for a job in the psychology field. Especially someone who only has a Bachelors. It always amazes me when I look at bigger cities how many job openings there are that I could apply to in my field. When I search psychology jobs in my area on Indeed.com I am lucky if 10 pages pop up and generally out of those 10 pages there might be 5 actual psychology jobs and maybe 1 or 2 that only require a bachelors. In bigger cities, say Columbus, Ohio for example, there are hundreds of pages and hundreds of job openings I could qualify for. This is one reason why we have talked about maybe not staying in this area forever, to give me the opportunity to work in my field if I wanted to.

Now I am not saying there are no job openings in this area but I do have my limits. I don’t want to work retail or be a server (worked retail for 2 years and was a server for 5) and I don’t want to work just anywhere for the sake of having a job. I want a job that I actually want and is something I want to do and Colby agrees. Neither one of us want me to work at a place that I don’t actually want to work at. But, that doesn’t mean I am super picky and expect to get a high paying amazing job as a therapist or something of that sort…that would be a bit unrealistic. But, there are things that I would love to do and that is more the type of jobs I lean towards. Working with children is one of them. This could be in a daycare, at a preschool, a teachers assistant, troubled youth homes, etc. I also would love to work with those who are mentally disabled, homeless, or helping someone out in some shape, way or form. I am also open to working in an office…like I said, not super picky.

I will admit that I have applied to places and have gotten calls or emails back. I have gotten offered two different nanny positions (something else I would love to do) but the hours/days just did not work. One lady needed someone 7 days a week and that just isn’t what I am looking for. Another had three children and I really only want to watch one child.  Sometimes I come across jobs that I would love to apply for but they are full time and I am only looking for part time. Some jobs have sounded good but they needed someone to work evening shifts/overnight or weekends. Again, not something I am looking for. The purpose of me working is to allow me to get out of the house some and gain some experience while bringing in a little extra money but it’s not worth it to take a job that would take me away from the times my husband is home. On occasion I would work an evening or a weekend but not consistently.

And so the job hunt continues and yes I am still looking. In the meantime I decided to see what else was out there that I could continue to do from home. I actually found a couple more things that I could do and have been bringing in more of an income that way. I may talk more about those ventures once I have gotten a good handle on them later down the road. Ultimately though, I still would like to find a part time job outside of the home, maybe just two or three days a week for a couple hours each day. Job hunting is hard but most things worth having take hard work.

On a final note, can we talk about how it takes companies months to get back to you sometimes in regards to applications/interviews. By the time I get the call, sometimes I forgot I even applied to that job!

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