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Things I Have Been Loving | February

Things I Have Been Loving | February

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It’s nearing the end of March but I wanted to back up to February and talk a little bit about what some of my favorite things were this past month! Better late than never right? Normally I share my favorites over on my Youtube channel but I wanted to try a different method this month and do it blog style! So what have I been loving?


I have been feeling super nostalgic the past couple months and I have been rocking out to music from my childhood and early teens. That can only mean one thing…music from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Oh ya! I have a couple playlists I found on Youtube that I have been listening to pretty much every day. I mean, who doesn’t want to vacuum the house while Eminem’s Slim Shady is blasting in the background or do dishes while rocking out to N*Sync and O*Town…. just me? Never mind then!

You can find my favorite playlists here and here.


In our house we get most of our entertainment from either Youtube or Netflix. We honestly rarely watch TV except for during dinner and before bed with the exception of if we are sick or one of us isn’t home. Colby worked a couple weekends in February and usually when he is gone I take advantage of that time to watch stuff that I know he wouldn’t like. February was a Gossip Girl month. I have been watching Gossip Girl slowly…very very slowly…over the course of what feels like a lifetime. February I FINALLY finished the last season and lets just say I did not see that coming! Who else was thrown for a loop when they revealed who Gossip Girl really was?


I received the Erin Condren winter seasonal box back in January. I actually have an entire video unboxing the products and talking about what I received. One item that did come in that box that I have been loving and using on a daily basis in my planner is the colorful dual tip markers. I love that they have a thick and thin end so I can change up my lettering whenever I want. They write smoothly and bleed very minimally. They have definitely become on of my go to items for writing in my planner.


I don’t know what it is but lately I have been loving string cheese. Now don’t get me wrong I love cheese pretty much anytime of the year but for the past month or so I have really just wanted string cheese. But not just any string cheese, oh no, I am pretty particular when it comes to the brand. It HAS to be Frigo String Cheese. It peels easily and is just plain delicious as a snack.


In January I received my very first Fabfitfun box. I have an entire unboxing video over on my Youtube channel if you want to check it out! There were 2 items from that box that I have been obsessed with this past month. The first is the beautiful Jook And Nona gold plated necklace. It is such a simple classic piece and I have been wearing it with everything! The second is something I was really surprised I liked so much and that is the Marrakesh Oil. Normally I don’t care for hair oils but I fell in love with this bottle. First off it smells absolutely amazing! I honestly wish this scent was made into a perfume because I would purchase that in a heartbeat. I also love it because it really does help make my hair shinier without weighing it down. I love that! It is a bit pricey for the size of the bottle so I am trying to make it last as long as I can but I will certainly be purchasing it once I run out.


I have been loving blogging lately….working on my blog, learning about blogs, reading other peoples blogs. It’s all blogs here lately! Some of my favorite blogs are of course financial ones or lifestyle. Lately I have been enjoying the content that Rosemarie over at busybudgeter has been putting out. Money, food, and everything in between it is a great one stop shop for all my blogging needs. If you haven’t already you should definitely check her out! Something else I have been loving is the Every Dollar App. I have been using Every Dollar on my computer for quite awhile now and I love it but I never bothered to download the app on my phone. Game changer! It is so nice to be able to quickly look at my phone and see how much I have spent in any category without trying to remember off hand. The app has been great for keeping track of personal spending money. Most times we just use our debit card since we order online a good bit but on the occasion we do purchase something in a store it has been nice to be be able to check real quick to see how much I have left before I buy it.

What were some of your favorite things in February? I would love to hear from you! 

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  • I did 🙂 Though honestly we don’t use it that often. I do use it for books though and music sometimes.

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