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Three Positive Things

Three Positive Things

I was scrolling through Youtube earlier today and I came across a video about a young woman who went blind in high school. Interested, I clicked on it and began watching as she talked about her high school years and how she was tormented by other girls. Years later she said she still felt angry towards them and she was holding on to so many negative thoughts towards them. She realized that by holding on to this anger and letting her mind think negatively towards those girls that they still held power over her despite the fact that these girls had not been in her life in a very long time. She talked about a school project she received where they were asked to think of a person or a group of people that they felt anger towards. Then they were asked to write down three positive things about that person. Every time they started to feel anger towards that person or think negatively towards them they were to think of their list of three positive things. She said she found herself eventually letting go of the anger and the hurt and letting go of all the negative thoughts she was keeping in. And by doing so, she freed herself from them and from the power they have over her.

As someone who was also bullied throughout high school, I am ashamed to admit, that I still have resentment towards those people who made my life hell. I still carry those feelings of negativity towards them despite the fact that none of them are in my life anymore. I found the idea of listing three positive things about someone we felt anger towards to be quite interesting and it is something I want to try. Carrying negative feelings around with us and holding anger inside is not healthy. And like the video I watched mentioned, continuing to hold onto those feelings gives power to those who have wronged us in the past.

I think the idea of three positive things is something all of us can add into our lives. It doesn’t have to just be three positive things about someone you are angry with, this concept can carry over into other areas as well. Perhaps on a bad day instead of thinking about all the things that are going wrong, think of three positive things that went right that day. Instead of thinking about all the things you haven’t accomplished, think of three things that you have accomplished. The number three is such a small number but the impact it can have and the ability it has to change our day, our life, and our mindset is astounding. If every day we thought about three positive things instead of three negative things, think of how happier we would be. How freeing it would be to focus on the good in our lives instead of the bad.

I know that going forward I am going to adapt the rule of three into my life. Not only am I going to work on thinking about three positive things about those in my past who have hurt me but three positive things in general everyday.

What do you think about this concept? Is it something you can see yourself implementing? Are you still holding on to negative thoughts and anger towards someone? Try it out! Even those who have hurt us or wronged us still have positive attributes. It might be hard to think about someone you dislike in a positive manner but it is worth a try. Thinking negatively towards someone won’t change how that person feels about you or what they did to you and it probably won’t even affect them at all but it will affect you. Slowly over time those negative thoughts will weigh you down and place a heavy burden on your heart unless you learn to free yourself from those thoughts. By changing those negative feelings into positive ones we have the ability to change our mindset and to free ourselves from the power that others hold over us.

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  • Jamie, it defintely was no mistake you running across this. I hate to hear that you were bullied in high school. It such a shame what people do to hurt us whether intentionally or non intentionally. You are a great person and I have fallen in love with you like family since learning of your channel. I myself, right now, am dealing with some of these areas personally. Ive found the person that should be the closest to you is the one who will turn on you instantly. I love the idea of this concept but I am such a person who holds grudges terribly. I agree that the person or persons that caused the pain have gone on with there lives and could care less! This is something I battle every single day. Thanks for this blog.

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