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Weekly Buys | Nov 1-6

Weekly Buys | Nov 1-6

Beginning Balance for November: $100 

($100- November Personal Spending Money)

It’s a brand new month and that means it is time for more cash! Every month both Colby and I get $100 in personal spending money that we are free to do with and spend/save how we wish. I didn’t have any money to rollover into November as I spent most of my money in October and also put what was remaining at the end of the month into my Youtube Christmas savings. So I am starting off this month with just the normal regular $100 of personal spending money.

So what did I buy the first week of November?

$17 New Tripod

Buying a new tripod this month was not something I was anticipating doing. In fact I actually had a very nice tripod that I purchased off of Amazon that I had been using and loving. Sadly I was filming this past week and Jax was playing in the house and accidentally ran into it causing it to fall over and hit the ground. The top of the tripod that holds the camera mount snapped causing it to become useless. So, I needed to purchase a new tripod and quick. I will probably order a more expensive higher quality one down the line but just chose whatever one our local Walmart had on stock for the time being so I can continue to film now.

Total Spent: $17

Remaining: $83

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