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Weekly Buys | Oct 1-9

Weekly Buys | Oct 1-9

Alright, the first week of October has come and gone. Let’s get into what I bought this past week and how much I spent.

Starting Balance: $150

$25- Savings

Not really a purchase, but lately I have been putting money from my personal spending aside into a savings envelope that I am going to be using for Christmas. This is money I will be using to purchase stamps and cards for my Youtube channel as well as money for any gifts and shipping supplies needed for friends.

$10- Blanket

I have been looking at this blanket for well over a month. Every time I found myself at Walmart I would somehow end up over by the blanket display just admiring it lol Every time I put it down though and walked away because, while blankets are wonderful to have, we really didn’t need another one. After about the 10th time of picking it up and putting it in my cart, I finally decided that in October I would get it. I am IN LOVE with this blanket. With the weather getting chilly, it has been nice to keep it in the office to toss on my lap while I am on the computer. So glad I finally purchased it and did I mention how SOFT this thing is!

$3- Milkshake 

No explanation needed here. I was out running errands and decided to swing by a fast food joint and grabbed a milkshake. Not gonna lie, it was delicious!

Total Spent: $38

***I received $100 in Birthday money this week so my total remaining is higher than it would have been had it not been for my birthday money.

Remaining: $212

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