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Weekly Buys | Oct 10-16

Weekly Buys | Oct 10-16

On to the second week of October and boy did I spend money this week. This week it was all about the shoes!

Starting Balance: $237

***I received another $25 in Birthday Money

What I Bought:

$91 – Payless Shoes

***Payless was having a BOGO sale and I ended up saving $35. Prices listed beside each shoe is the original price before the BOGO sale. Keep in mind I am not a shoe photographer lol but I did my best. (There is also a haul coming soon on my Youtube channel showing these as well).





$100 – Amazon 

I have been needing a new pair of shoes for probably over a year now and it is just something I kept putting off. My old shoes were New Balance trail runners and I loved them for everyday use as well as for hiking. This time however, I wanted to find a shoe that had better tread for hiking and were waterproof. These fit the bill and received amazing reviews on hiking review websites as well as Amazon.

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Prime CS WP W Hiking Shoe

*** This week I spent a good bit of money on shoes. Generally shoes would fall under our clothing budget category but there are some exceptions. We try to keep our clothing budget to items we actually NEED not items we want. The shoes from Payless were all strictly wants not a need and so I used my personal money for them. Now the exception is my hiking shoes. These should have come out of our clothing budget because they were a need BUT since I received a good bit of money for my birthday this month I decided to use my birthday money on them instead, leaving our clothing budget intact.

Total Spent: $191

Remaining: $46

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