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Weekly Buys | Oct 24-31

Weekly Buys | Oct 24-31

Starting Balance: $46

This week I bought a couple items only to decide I wanted to return them. The first being a hat. These types of hats are all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube and while I love them I don’t love them on me. I just think it is one of those things I am not fashionable enough to wear and that is OK.

$13 – Floppy Hat


Another item I absolutely fell in love with was a wooden cut out sign from Hobby Lobby. I still love it but I just couldn’t figure out a good place to put it in our bedroom and so it will also be returned.

$11- Rise and Shine sign


Last but not least I picked up some new jewelry pieces. I grabbed a couple new necklaces and some earrings.

$14- Jewelry


Total Spent: $38

Amount Remaining: $8

***I returned both the hat and the sign so my total spent is actually only $14. This means I have $32 remaining at the end of October. This money is being put away in my savings for Youtube Christmas gifts….the same place the $25 was put away at the beginning of the month.

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