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What I Hope To Learn With A No Spend Month

What I Hope To Learn With A No Spend Month

When we decided that we wanted to participate in No Spend January we had a few reasons in mind. Obviously our main goal was to save as much money as we could and apply it towards our remaining student loan debt. I would be lying though if that is the only reason I wanted to try a no spend month. There are a couple things I am really hoping to learn throughout the upcoming month but all of those things can be tied up into one word: contentment.

Sure I say I appreciate what we have and enjoy what we do but I am only human and as humans contentment is something we need to practice every day. It is far too easy to compare ourselves to one another and it is easy to forget to enjoy what we have right now at this very moment. We always want something better, something prettier, something newer and we want it now. Although I don’t consider myself to be a huge spender I do enjoy shopping…home decor may or may not be my weakness 😉

I often find myself wanting time to move forward so we can be at a different place in our finances. Although I know in three short months we will be debt free, I want to be debt free right now! Although I know in a little over a year or two we will be buying a house, I want that right now. It is easy to be impatient and want immediate gratification. It takes work to learn to be content and enjoy what you have right now at this very moment. But it is something I want to get better at.

I want to enjoy what I have right now. I want to enjoy what is happening around me right now. Yes I want us to have goals and work towards those goals but it is important to remember to enjoy the journey as well. Sometimes the journey is the most important part.

So for the month of January I want to practice contentment. I want to work on enjoying the items I already have in my home, making use of things I already own or finding a new purpose for those things. We have so much stuff in our home that we rarely use and I want to change that. Either those items need to find a place in our home and be re purposed into something we love or they need to go.

My main hope though is to learn that we don’t have to buy so much stuff. Just because it is on sale or it is pretty, doesn’t mean we need to buy it…even if it is in the budget. We can admire it and appreciate it for what it is but it doesn’t have to come home with us. I am hoping to learn we can live with less stuff and less money. We already live below our means but I am curious just how little money we can truly get away with living on. I am sure it is much less than we think it is.

Have you ever done a no spend month before? If so what did you hope to learn from it? Or what did you learn from it?

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2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Learn With A No Spend Month”

  • Jamie, I totally understand what you are writing. I myself struggle with comparison. It does a number on yourself along with self esteem. I also struggle with wanting things like yesterday! But one thing that Im doing is Im slowly but surely going through things that I dont look at or touch a few times a week and giving those items away. It is so freeing to me to do that. Ive gone through shoes, clothes, personal items, kitchen things, and even my christmas stuff. I do not like to hoard so at the new year I just start over. I just have my neccessaties. I dont know if youve heard of alejandra on you tube but she has new program out talking about very same thing. Glad to know we are all in this together!

  • I totally agree. I just recently watched a documentary on Netflix ‘the minimalists’ and it was so eye opening and powerful! I love watching your videos and reading your blog! Keep it up girl!

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