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Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

It’s been awhile… 2 months to be exact. I didn’t mean to be gone for so long. I didn’t mean to up and disappear but it happened anyways. These past two months have gone by in the blink of an eye and there is so much I want to tell you, so much I am anxious to share but so much I can’t. The bad thing about being online and sharing my life is that sometimes there comes a time where things happen and I want to share but I can’t. At least not yet. I don’t mean to sound so cryptic but just know that things are good but things might be changing. Fingers crossed, by the beginning of new year I will not have to be so cryptic anymore and I may have some new things to share with you. Until then, what I can say is we have been busy.

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to make some changes in my life and switch things up. Little did I know that changes might take place in the form of potentially moving somewhere else. Again, more being cryptic but I really can’t share much on this topic. Although I am pretty sure some of you have noticed a few hints I have thrown here and there that we have been thinking about moving. I will say, if it happens, I am so ready for it so and so excited for the new possibilities. The reasoning behind said possible move still sadly has to remain hush hush for now. I promise in due time, if and when everything aligns I will share more.

As I was saying, I mentioned awhile back I wanted to make some changes. I mentioned wanting to work or volunteer or make new friends. It’s been 2 months Jamie, has any of this happened? Like I just mentioned, there has been some talk of moving and not just moving to a different house, more like moving to a different state. This kind of tossed me for a loop in the job search department. I was torn for awhile between wanting to still look for a job with the prospect of possibly having to quit shortly after if we did move or waiting until everything else was decided and then apply. In the end I decided it was better for me to continue with the job search and if it ended up being short lived, so be it, at least it was experience I could add to my resume.

Speaking of resumes, oh boy, that was fun! Most of you know I have been a housewife most of my married life. I worked for almost 6 years before I was married and then worked for the first year of our marriage. After that I focused on my online schooling and officially received my diploma the beginning of 2013. So that leaves a 3 year gap on my resume. I decided to update my resume as much as I could and figured I would send it out as is and if nothing happened in a couple months I would look more into volunteer work (which is something I did a lot of and loved when I was younger) to add some more experience to my resume and make it more up to date and relevant.

Speaking of volunteering…when did volunteering become similar to applying to a job??? Back in my day (am I old enough to use this saying yet lol) when we wanted to volunteer, all you had to do was call the organization, specify your interest in volunteering and they told you what they needed help with and the hours you could come in. Fast forward to today and in order to volunteer almost anywhere, you have to fill out an application, specify why you want to volunteer there, past volunteer work, references, background checks, interviews, etc. I understand certain places need to be careful with who they let volunteer, say around children for example, but the whole process seems a bit much. Once applications to volunteer are submitted they let you know if they want you to volunteer and if they even need volunteers at that moment. Say what?!?! When has it ever been possible to have TOO MANY volunteers. Don’t get me wrong, not every place is like this but it seems like many of the places I have had interest in tend to either not need new volunteers or has a lengthy application process. Not sure when all this changed because I remember just being able to make a simple call and going in on the weekend to help out when I was younger haha I guess times have changed. If you have an organization that you love to volunteer for that is always in need of volunteers, please let me know because I really would love to help out.

Ok, the friend department. This is the area that I struggle with the most due to my anxiety. Recently though, we attended a wedding, where an old friend from high school happened to be as well. While we keep in touch online I haven’t actually seen this person in years. It was wonderful to catch up and find out what they had been up and how their life was going. It reminded me I should catch up with old friends more often and I hope to catch up/visit with this friend again. Speaking of catching up with old friends, I have been thinking for awhile now that I should make a little weekend trip to go visit my best friend from college and meet her beautiful baby girl. Again, while we talk online, I haven’t actually seen her in quite awhile since we live in different states. I know these aren’t new friends but regardless it has been nice. Hopefully, with volunteering and working the latter will happen.

So aside from looking for volunteer work and applying to jobs, what have I been doing? Honestly, just enjoying Summer. Although the days have been extremely hot, we have enjoyed hiking, camping, playing in the river and visiting new places we have wanted to visit but never been. Sometimes it is nice to just step back and enjoy what you have around you and be present in the moment.

I hope the next time we talk 2 months haven’t gone by. Until next time.

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